Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can I get rid of the Brown spots from my face?

I am a fair man of 30. I have some ugly brown spots in my face.It is not permanent. During last winter It went off. But recently as the summar came it starts appearing again. It just spoiling the beauty of my face. I dont have other problem like constipation etc. I tried to use sun shade while going out. Can anybody help me out please.
use sunscreen in the summer ,those spots are only going to get darker ,the pigment in your skin is the problem ,the spots have more than the rest of your face ,i dont know what exactly causes it ,you should see a dermatologist,skin problems like this ,could potentionaly be dangerous,there is a cause behind this change in the pigment in your skin,good luck i hope the sunscreen helps,P.S JUST PUT IT ON YOUR SPOTS ,NOT ALLOVER YOUR FACE.if you see a dr. they can lighten those spots !!
try to use lemon juice to bleach it[undiluted]
The sun makes dark spots darker so use a good sunscreen. I am currently using a Avon skin lightener thats working for me, but you have to stay out the sun to keep them from coming back.

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