Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can i get rid of my pimples?

We have found that acne in general responds well to a home remedy taught to me by a friend from Guatemala:
At night before bed, pour about a Tbsp of sugar into the palm of your hand and add just enough lemon juice to make a paste. Massage the paste in a circular motion (not too hard, you don't want to abrade the skin!) over the affected areas to slightly exfoliate. Then, let the paste sit for about 30 seconds, rinse off and pat dry. Do this each night. For my son's very oily and football/baseball-sweat aggravated acne we switch the sugar to salt.
I can honestly tell you that he notices improvement the very first morning when he does this.
Hope this helps! At least it's not expensive to try : )
ProActive!! It really works wonders. Good Luck
I know what your going through as I get breakouts often. I tried everything you could order online and over the counter. Nothing worked. Since my face was getting to be terrible I went to a dermatologist. She gave me two things and they were miracles! The first I use in the morning and it is called Duac. The second thing I use at night is called Diffrin. This stuff is amazing. Now, if your acne is not that severe yet, a great thing to use is clearasil ultra face wash/scrub. If it is a little worse, try Proactiv. Be careful though, your skin can get used to Proactiv and later on ignore it. Remember wash your face daily with hot water. It opens up the pores so you can clean them out which helps get rid of pimples. Good luck!
Well if i were u i would start washin my face everyday with a face cleaner then i would try not to touch my hands on my face and keep my hair pulled back
i had that problem. what i did was wash my face with warm soap and water, then wash off the soap with cool water. and it does help alot to drink alot more water. washer cleans your insides out. your body is made up of alot of water. its telling you to drink more water aswell. i have been their
If you have only a few pimples - you should treat them individually and not use harsh products on your entire face (as that can lead to drying and irritation, which can make your skin worse over time)If the problem is wide spread - I would suggest consulting a dermatologist. Often, acne isnt caused by improper face cleansing - but by hormonal problems, stress, or vitamin deficiencies.Here is an article on acne treatments that might help:http://www.associatedcontent.com/article...
Soak cotton wool in mint juice, and apply every day. Mix cinnamon powder with lime juice to make a fine paste, Apply on pimples. Check out http://useinfo-acne.blogspot.com/... for more useful info.

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