Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can I get myself to stop skin picking?

It's a habit I've had for several years now. I am able to stop for a few days at a time but that's it. Could this be a form of OCD?
odds are you do it without noticing it. it may be a form of OCD, or just a nervous habit. if you're "skin-picking" with your teeth, you may just be orally fixated and chewing gum or hard candy may help. if you're using your fingers, some options could be covering the area that you pick at with athletic/sports tape to keep you from getting at it. or putting some tape on your finger tips so that you can't feel yourself picking at it or at least reduce the dexterity necessary to effectively pick at it. if you just need something to do with your hands, get a rubber band or paperclip and see how many times you can wrap it around your finger before it breaks. that will give you something else to do. it may become a habit, but it'll be more of an inconvenience than a self-destructive behavior.
I used to pick too and sometimes still do, but my mom used to put vinegar or hot sauce on my fingers, believe me that will stop you (lol). It's a nervous habit-I know it is bothersome, try a rubberband around the wrist and snap it when u get the urge to pick.
That is definitely a symptom.. I have OCD myself and used to skin pick quite a bit. I still do on occasion but not very much. I would talk to a psychiatrist about it and find out for sure if that is what it is. It sounds like it though. Do you do anything else? Like do you have to do things a certain way or have things perfect? Do you find yourself doing any other things over and over again? The only thing I can really suggest is to get tested and find out if it really is OCD, which more than likely it is and then find a good psychiatrist that can prescribe medication for you... I take Luvox for my OCD... Hope that helps....

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