Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can I get rid of the swelling in my ankles and calves along with the redness?

I have taken water pills, started walking and drinking a lot of water...I can't go to the doc, no insurance and the little busted capillaries are soooo red and ugly.HELP!!!
Here is an article I found.
Please go to a low income clinic, yes they have them. You can ask a doc to see you pro bono, sometimes they say yea. Anyway I take a pill that cost 2.40 (full cost before insurance) and it does the job. But you need a prescription. It may be the water pill you talked about. It takes a week to work. Get insurance, look on line.
Lay down on the floor with you legs up on the couch for about 20 mins. aday. It has helped me and also my mom.

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