Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can i get rid of spots on my laps?

I have had dark spots on my laps for long time now. i tried using soaps to get rid of them but they are still there and because of this i can't were a mini skirt or even a bikini.Please i need someone to hint me on what to do.
That could be some kind of blackheads or partially clogged pores. Those are stable structures that can be there for years. Usually people think this is some kind of dirt in pores and can be washed away but let me tell you exactly what it is...Pores are partially open so they don't get completely clogged to cause acne. But why it gets dark? Because skin pigment reacts with oxygen and the skin directly in the pores and around gets dark and leaves dark spots...The perfect solution for this is ClearPores, you can find their website here: http://www.clearpores.com/clicks/clickth...You can order directly from the website. It will help but it won't happen just over night, give it some time. But I don't think it would be a problem if you had it for years and give it a few weeks now to go away...If you chose to try it, be sure to order BODY system not facial.Hope this helped...

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