Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can I get rid of acne scaring on my back?

Most people here seem to think you are referring to the pimples, but I think you mean pitted scars. Other than seeing
a dermatologist and inquiring about any possible cosmetic procedure (in general, the back is more difficult to treat due to the thickness of the skin, and may not be an option) the only thing you can do is wait for time to soften them. A series of microdermabrasions may be of some benefit.
Use some Stridex wipes on them daily. Good Luck! Vote Me Best Answer!
Try using strech mark lotions. In theroy, strech marks are scars. It worked for the scars on my arms. If you can't get that then try coco butter lotions.
I have your problem and am currently doing what my dermatologist told me: I have to exfoliate my back using this long cloth that has a smooth side and a rough side. Do smooth-rough-smooth combinations. Put acne medicine on it though. You may purchase a cloth like this or something similar at a spa, bath%26body works, online, ross, target, etc. This procedure will remove dead skin cells. I cant tell you what your outcome will be but i can tell you it feels great! Keep in mind that sweat and natural body oils collect and cause irritation on your back, so take a shower right after you do anything that causes sweat. Exfoliate before bed and have someone rub some kind of a acne blemish remover. Look for this at your local drugstore. I use a spray from "acne complex"(search this) that is about 14 bucks. Good luck with this and always exfoliate, its the path to healthy skin!
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